Blog-Worthy Blogs

Hi guys! Today I will be recommending some cool blogs posts that I really enjoy.

1- Un-bear-able Bears

Do you like animals of all shapes and sizes? Then this blog post is for you! In this post, smilesadia19 talks about the adorable polar bears and gives us cool facts about them. It’s a full on information report with a fun twist! The author included some fun facts most people wouldn’t know… like how polar bears fur isn’t exactly white; it’s actually black! The author also included a great National Geographic video that I found quite informative.

I loved this blog post because it so informative and so fun.

2- Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Me, being the biggest Marvel fan EVER, absolutely LOVE Spider-Man. He is my favourite superhero. Geeky Blogger wrote about this great movie in such a way where she didn’t spoil too much of the movie. It was a great blog. She obviously knew a lot about Spider-Man.

I love this blog and would recommend to EVERYONE.

3- Why Cats are better than dogs!

In this blog, Israv29 talks about why cats are better than dogs. She gives many reasons on why cats are better than dogs, some include how cats live longer than dogs, how cats are cheaper to look after than dogs, etc.

I loved this blog because it was very informative and fun.

Below are links to all of these blogs:

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Thank you for reading my blog! Hoped you enjoyed it!

Ruby Redfort, over and out.


Which Cat Breed is right for you?

Whether it be a Persian, Siamese or Short-hair, I absolutely LOVE cats of every kind. They are just so cute!

Today, I will be showing you which cat breed is right for you.

1- Persian Cats

This cat is overall a high maintenance cat, so this cat requires a lot of grooming. Persians are also indoor cats and don’t prefer being outdoors. So if you are an indoor person who can clean after this adorable fur ball, this cat is right for you.

2- Ragdoll Cats

Related image

These adorable fluff balls are very easy to look after; they are low maintenance, they don’t shed a lot and are very affectionate. Unlike most cats, these cats love to be held in their owner’s arms. If you want a cat that is easy to look after and a cat that you can cuddle, this cat is the right one for you.

3- Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are one of the oldest and best known cat breeds. They are known for adorable coloured coats. If you want a cat that is a affectionate, low maintenance and inteligent, this is the cat for you.

These are just three of the many cat breeds. There could be hundreds of breeds for all I know!

Thank you for reading my blog!

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

Volca-No… More like Volca-YES!

Hi everyone! Today I will be talking about the natural phenomenon called the VOLCANO! But first of all, what is a volcano and how are they formed?

Basically, a volcano is a landform (usually a mountain) where molten rock erupts through the surface of the planet. In simple terms, a volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock (magma) below the surface of the earth. It is a hole in the Earth from which molten rock and gas erupt.

Volcanoes can be formed by tectonic plates or by lava flows or ash deposits.

When tectonic plates are being pushed and pulled apart, volcanoes are created, which is why they tend to occur in the same place as earthquakes. When tectonic plates spread apart from each other, hot magma rises up and fills the space between.

A volcano is formed when hot molten rock, ash and gases escape from an opening in the Earth’s surface. The molten rock and ash solidify as they cool, forming the distinctive volcano shape shown here. As a volcano erupts, it spills lava that flows downslope.

Now, you all know what volcanoes are and how they are formed. Thank you for reading my blog.

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

Which is better; reading a book or watching a movie?

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be convincing all of you, my readers, why reading a book is way better than watching a movie.

Every day, technology is advancing and us with it. One day, people would forget what paper feels like, what a BOOK is… and that is HELL for a person like me… who can’t live without books.

I sincerly believe that reading a book is WAY better than watching a movie because books have scenes that are not included in movies, books promote imagination and books help you improve your vocabulary.

I’m pretty I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed with the Harry Potter movies… especially Goblet of Fire. I mean, they took out Ludo Bagman and a bunch of super important scenes, I’m sure everyone would have wanted to see. Of course, I still like it, but it could have been way better. So don’t feel offended, Emma Watson. You’re amazing as Hermione Granger.

Whenever I read I always imagine that I’m the narrator or a background character or I’m a camera, watching all the characters. I imagine all the monsters, all the handsome boys, all the fierce girls. Movies, though, already create the characters so it kills the fun in imagining the characters. Sometimes the character’s looks are off. Like in ‘The Hunger Games,’ Katniss is meant to have olive skin, “straight, black hair,” which she pulls back into a long braid, and grey eyes. She’s also “small in stature” and light for her age — one of the smallest tributes in her games. But in the movie, Katniss is quite tall, has brown hair, light skin and green-ish eyes. Jennifer Lawrence is still cool, though; she just doesn’t look like Katniss from the books.

I have learnt so many new words from reading, it’s mind-blowing. One of the best books to read to improve vocabulary would have to be ‘Lemony Snicket’s, A Series of Unfortunate Events.’ The author uses many words to describe the three main characters of the book. For example, in The Grim Grotto, Lemony Snicket uses the water cycle to describe the Baudelaire children… how there life goes up and down and is always repeating. It’s amazing what one can do with words. Bravo, Mr Snicket.

Well that’s just a few reasons why I think reading is the best, and why books are way better than movies. Don’t forget to find a great book and a great place to sit and escape to the imaginary world of books.

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

Christchurch Attack

Yesterday, on March 15, there was a shooting in a mosque in Christchurch. A man carrying a gun entered the mosque… and started to shoot people. 49 people died. The shooter uploaded this terrifying video to YouTube.

People need to understand how awful it feels to know that your relative or your friend or your sister or your brother is never coming home again. I just wanted to say this. I just wanted to let you all know how I felt about this terrible turn of events.

I send my regards to everyone who has a lost a loved one in the shooting. I am truly sorry for you loss.

I just wanted to say that.

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

Women’s Rights Matter

Hi guys! Today, I’ll be talking about something I have recently become very passionate about and that is Women’s Rights.

Women’s Rights is a problem that society has faced since FOREVER! No matter how many times people talk about Women Right’s, not a lot of people are doing anything about it.

For example, about six days ago, International Women’s Day took place. We were shown an amazing video. It was a Nike advertisment. It was so beautiful and so true. I sincerly believe that women can do anything they want to if only they put their mind to it.

Dream Crazier!

I will not stop until Women’s rights are equal to Men’s Rights. This society needs to change. We need to change.

It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.

Emma Watson

Thank you for reading my blog! Please comment what you think and spread awareness. This change starts with us.

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

The New Nancy Drew!

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’ll be talking about one of my all time favourite book series, Ruby Redfort. As you may have noticed, my screen name is also ‘Ruby Redfort.’ Yes, I’m a huge fan.

This book series, written by Lauren Child, is about a girl, named Ruby who is basically a child genius. When she was a toddler, she observed the kidnapping of champion dog. When she was sixteen, she had solved a code in under an hour. The same code Harvard code breakers were working on for 2 weeks.

Now, as a teenager, she is still a very observant girl who keeps her yellow notebooks and amazingly shaped phones in strange places all over her room. She also has a very unique vocabulary, ‘Bozo’ being her favourite word.

She lives with her mum, her dad and her cook/housekeeper. All was good until her house was emptied… yes, emptied. Everything in her house (including her cook), was gone. The only thing that was left were her hidden notebooks. To top it off, Ruby has been recruited by a top secret agency called ‘Spectrum.’ With the help of her new butler, a Spectrum agent, and her best friend Clancy Drew, Ruby solves case after case until she becomes the second best youngest agent… yes, second after Baker, since he is basically a legendary agent… who died.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Before I read Ruby Redfort, I wasn’t very interested in mystery novels. But after reading this book series, I love all mystery novels. Ruby Redfort is amazing.

Thank you for reading my blog! See you guys later!

Ruby Redfort, over and out.

“A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty, because somebody will always be in it, taking books off the shelves and staying up late reading them.” 
― Lemony Snicket